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Mindful Living

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Mindful of your needs and the needs of the earth, Mindful Living products are eco-friendly.

One should never have to sacrifice beauty for goodness to the earth and others. This philosophy is built into every piece we make. We believe that as each person lives into their best selves, including creating beauty, increasing self-awareness and caring for the earth, then our world will also move towards health and goodness. These products are designed to support you in living a mindful life, helping you make mindful choices and in turn making the world become a better place - one life, one choice at a time.

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Breathe Cards & Meditation Journals

A deck of 52 cards that remind you throughout your day to pause and BREATHE. Change the card each week to reflect the season and to keep your mind alert to the reminder to breathe and appreciate the beauty of the earth.

Hand-stamped eco-friendly journals that provide space for you to reflect, create or meditate.